"My son was in the bottom English set and usually got C&D in English exams. We were delighted when after tuition he achieved an A in English Language and an A* in English Literature.  Actually, it was more of a miracle to us. Didicimus Education undoubtedly gave him the help and confidence he needed.  It was all done gradually and not overly stressful for him. We are thrilled with the guidance and support they provided. 

"Our daughter was struggling with her English Literature and Language GCSE. Having had straight A’s in her other GCSE mocks, she was dismayed to have a B in Language and C in her English Literature. She felt she knew her texts well but couldn’t find ways to show her knowledge and was finding it hard to interpret the needs of an English Language paper. Her confidence was very low.

After 8 one hour sessions with Didicimus by Skype between the UK and Singapore, Lara felt very differently. She was asked to look at her set texts in different and challenging ways which brought them to life again for her. The use of Google scholar which means the tutor can set a question, watch the answer appear on the page and comment during the process was a revelation and made sessions so much more dynamic. The tutor was very flexible and easy to work with and Lara really enjoyed his energy  and humour. The service by Didicimus was professional and efficient. Lara ended up getting an A in English language and an A star in Literature. She was totally delighted.  Naturally we have no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone considering it."

"Our initial interaction with the Didicimus team was to prepare our daughter in an international school in Singapore for entrance exams to a UK boarding school.  That effort was a success for my daughter – so much so that she was invited to sit for, and ultimately received, an academic scholarship. We believe that her success on the entrance exams and scholarship tests would not have been achieved without the experienced guidance by and tutoring from the Didicimus team.  I especially appreciated the flexible nature of the program – my daughter Skyped every single session, and at least half of those were multiple time-zones and countries apart.  The technology never let us down and the tutors proved very willing to create a customized plan and timetable that worked well for my daughter's schedule.  We wholeheartedly endorse this program."

"When we left UK and went overseas our son moved into a British International school that did not prepare him for Common Entrance. We engaged Didicimus to check his knowledge across various subjects including English, Maths, French and Science and focus on any gaps that appeared in his learning, as a result of the different curriculum. The Didicimus tutors are all very experienced, engaging and familiar with syllabus requirements, and so could target their lessons effectively, making very good use of the time they had with our son. For English in particular, the work that was done - encouraging more sophisticated use of language, the skills for analysing prose and poetry, how to structure a piece of written work - was essential in that it laid the foundations for good writing practice in general. Our son sat his exams feeling confident and prepared and came out with flying colours. We therefore highly recommend Didicimus for efficient, targeted help and for their knowledge of British school requirements."

"Didicimus quite literally transformed my son's confidence and performance in English over 8 months of tuition. After 3 months of lessons, twice a week he got most improved in English at school and 5 months later, despite being only predicted 2 Cs in his iGCSEs, by his school English teacher of 4 years, he went on to get an A* and a B. Didicimus demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of the syllabus and, of what was required within the exam. My son has difficulties processing auditory information and expressing himself in written form, and they were able to cater to his needs, providing clear structure and guidance, developing his confidence and ability. My son spoke very highly of his tutor and about how useful he found the lessons. The lessons were stimulating, with thorough explanations and he was able to maintain his focus and concentration throughout the lesson."

"Our daughter had weekly sessions with her Didicimus Education tutor, leading up to her 11+ exam in January 2016.  Her tutor immediately established a rapport with her, making the Skype tutor sessions fun, relaxed, and entertaining.  We didn't give the tutor much time to work with M, but she quickly identified her weaknesses, and (just as importantly) her strengths, and quietly gave her the confidence to sail through her exams.  The ultimate accolade was that after the sessions finished, M said "I miss seeing my tutor!"  She was fantastic, and we cannot recommend Didicimus highly enough."

"Thank you so much for all your help with both boys over the last 18 months.  They have benefited in many ways from their tutoring.  They now have a strong foundation in English and can apply it to other subjects.  I'm sure we will need your support again so it won't be a final bye anytime soon."

"We are most pleased with the Latin lessons that Didicimus conducted most professionally with our sons. The lessons with Didicimus prepared our son very well to join a class of boys who had two years of Latin already. The tuition helped our son to enter the new prep-school with great confidence and to be able to join in the Latin lessons with all other boys as of day one! Thank you very much Didicimus!"

"Our daughter started weekly sessions with Didicimus 6 months before her 11+ exams.  She was in a non-British curriculum school and not only did Didicimus make sure that any gaps in the curriculum were filled, but we also saw a massive improvement in our daughter’s work at school as a result of the extra tuition, particularly in her written work. The Didicimus tutor had a great way with children: firm enough to inspire respect but not too strict, and was very good at boosting our child’s self esteem. The tutor also gave wonderful weekly feedback to me and at the end of each block of lessons, she would have a review session with me on progress and also gave advice on schools we should look at and how to handle interviews. She is the most diligent tutor I have come across and I don’t hesitate to recommend the services of Didicimus."

"For the preparation of our son's English scholarship exam we engaged the Didicimus Education team. We were most pleased with their professionalism and expertise; in combination with our son's hard work, this certainly paid off."

"As we live in Scandinavia, we needed help with our daughter's UCAS application and Personal Statement to study law at a UK university. We approached Didicimus Education for their guidance.  We were delighted to hear that within 48 hours of submitting the application, our daughter had received her first confirmed place. We couldn't have managed without their support.  Thank you!"